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PixelME Pixelblading Blades

PixelME Pixelblading Blades

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Blade Shape

Nano Pixelblading Blades

#Pins 14

Blade Shape: High Low

Blade Type: FLAT or CURVE

Blade Thickness .2mm

Pixel Blade 25 pcs

FREE Mini Course with purchase!

A revolutionary type of blade, the Nano Pixel Blade allows an artist to embed pigment without slicing or cutting the client’s skin.

This blade features two lengths of blades that allow the artist to tap pigment into skin allowing for a pixelated appearance. The shorter blade length acts as a type of barrier to help prevent blade from puncturing too deeply into the client’s skin.

Using this patent-pending blade allows for the creating of “pixel strokes” that mimic the look of natural hair strokes similar to that of microblading techniques without over damage to the skin.

Receive free access to the Pixelblading course with purchase of blades.

#Pins 14

Blade Shape: High Low Pixel Blades

Blade Type: FLAT or CURVE

Each blade is individually packaged & sterilized with Lot # & expiration date


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
angela Herrick
Pixel blade review

First time using a manual tool as all my work is machine. I used this to do soft out line for lip blush and also to lock in crisp tails for powder brows. I loved them!!! Game changer!

Angela Teixeira
Loooove these!

I love this technique and how they heal in the skin!! Great blades!

Rhonda Winters
Awesome blades

I'm so in love with these pixel blades.. they create such beautiful hairstrokes..I will always keep them in stock!! Looking forward to Doing a lip blush with the shaders soon

Game changer to me for eyeliner tattooing

These blades in particular the triple and double make my work easier, more consistent and quicker with amazing retention…

Amazing for keeping my outline

I rely on the pixelblade not only for creating hairstrokes but also for maintaining the outline of the eyebrow shape throughout the procedure. It's an essential tool for me, and I can't imagine working without it. I use it to dry-tap around the shape and then follow up with RevealMe to reveal the outline, which guides me throughout the entire process. My clients love the final look that the pixelblade gives, with better healing and beautiful retention.