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Brow Tricks

Mapping 2 Ways & Consultations

Mapping 2 Ways & Consultations

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Mapping & Outline

The FIRST and most important part of PMU, is making sure the SHAPE you are putting on your clients face is GOOD!  If that is off, it doesn't matter if EVERYTHING else is right.  

Different methods work for different people!  I understand that 100%.  And I know that most of us already know how to String map, and map with a Caliper/3 point map.  So I set out to find OTHER new ways of mapping that might click for others, and save time!  Both of my methods focus on SYMETRY.  

This course will go over 5+ models for both methods (including some male models in the 2nd course), as well as cover how I handle consultations.  Regardless of whether you end up using either of my systems- This mapping course will help you understand the correct shaping, key points on the face, bone structure, brow proportions, and how to make a brow shape that will be complementary to each clients Face, and brow shape & hair.   If you are struggling with mapping, I know this will help!



Mapping System #1: Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool 

In my first year of doing brows, I discovered a secret tool that cut my brow measuring time in half! My system also gives extremely natural brows that follow your client’s brow bone and compliments your client’s face. I can’t wait to show you how easy mapping can be!

Mapping System #2: BrowTricks Symmetry Rulers

This system came after I was seeking an even FASTER method that also involved a sticky ruler that so many love!  I custom designed rulers that not only act as measure markers, but have custom shapes you attach and move to create a CUSTOM stencil for each client for the top of the brow shape!  You can even reapply this during your procedure to re-check your shape and balance.   

+ Consultations! 



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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Arriaga

This is the onlu way i can map

Ashley Goad
Great new perspective on brow mapping!

I really enjoyed this course, it teaches you that there’s more than one way to map perfectly.