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FREE RevealME ***Use code REVEALME

FREE RevealME ***Use code REVEALME

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RevealME is liquid gold!

Apply a few drops to make your strokes or outline APPEAR!  RevealME will temporarily stain anywhere the skin has been opened 😍 

RevealME can be utilized to visualize your outline- even if you tattoo your outline with no pigment!  It also helps SO much with visualization during second pass 🤗


To Apply:  Pour just a few drops of RevealME into an ink ring, and use a microtip or q tip to apply it onto your outline or hairstrokes.  Gently wipe off the product after just a few seconds, and RevealME will have stained where you have tattooed 😍  

To Remove: Simply apply secondary numbing to remove the majority of the RevealME stain. 

Re-apply as needed throughout the procedure to visualize your strokes or outline.  Apply RevealME after numbing, as numbing removes the staining.  

Any RevealME left at the end of the procedure will not heal into the skin.  (As long as the majority of it is removed with wiping and numbing products.) 

We can't wait for you to try this amazing product! 🤗


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Crystal Reynolds Reynolds

FREE RevealME ***Use code REVEALME

Crystal Mitchell
Love this!!

This makes my outline process so much easier.

Jose Perez
Only Regret…

My only regret is not finding this product sooner! Can’t live without it. And, if you do lip blushing, it’s a must
as well!

Alyssa Carpenter
Reveal me

Works great and easy to use.

Nona Grytskevich
Great product

Not only for beginners but also for all artist who don’t like to outline their work it’s amazing