Pixelblading & Pixelshading

This NEW version of Microblading uses my revolutionary blade to tap pigment into your skin instead of slicing it in.   Hairstrokes are carefully created with little pixel dots.
Think of when you get a Cut vs a Prick.
That’s exactly what the difference is between these two techniques.


Stop waiting to get your dream brows! 
Get Pixelbladed <3


What is Pixelblading & Pixelshading?

Pixelblading & shading is the process of gently implanting pigment into the skin using tiny pixel dots.  Specialized pixel blades are used to lightly prick the skin, depositing beautiful pixel dots of color.  Because these are such small pricks instead of slices, the healing is incredibly easy!  Only slight amount of scabbing, if any.  

These pigmented dots can be places in a row to form the look of hair strokes.  They can also create shading either in-between strokes, or build an entire textured brow on their own.  Your artist will artistically place these pixel dots to give movement, texture and fullness all at the same time. 


Your artist will turn the blade as they work to follow the natural flow of your hair growth. By following your hair flow pattern as their template, you will be given an ultra realistic look customized to your brows. 


Your artist can also utilize two different colors to both balance the brow shape and add fullness. First, Building subtly the areas with no hair.  Then shade in a lighter tone, to unify & add fullness throughout the brow. 


If you are ready to stop filling in your brows everyday, contact a certified Pixelblader in your area today. 


Sick of filling in your brows everyday?

We all know Microblading is a very popular service offered by tens of thousands of artists.


Microblading doesn’t work for EVERYONE!Did you know that MANY skin types do not heal well with microblading?
THE ANSWER?  Pixelblading & Pixelshading
– Better healing.– Less painful– And better pigment retention.

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