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ready, SET, grow!

ready, SET, grow!

your confidence

I believe in you and your success! Let me teach you all my secrets and give you the confidence you need to ROCK this!

Your clients

We have courses on Business & Marketing too! Let me teach you how I built to fulltime brows in just 1 year.

Your knowledge

Gain a deeper understanding of Color Theory, Mapping, and learn how to create custom pattern flow for each client.

Your Services

Expand the services you offer. Learn Lipblush, Pixeliner, Pixelshading, Ombre Pixel Brows, Pixelblading & More.

Mapping & Outline

I have discovered a secret tool to cut brow measuring time in half! My system also gives extremely natural brows that follow your client’s brow bone and compliments your client’s face. I can’t wait to show you how easy mapping can be!

  • Over 6 model examples
  • Second Symmetry Mapping Course Included

Color Theory

As an artist, I have a clear understanding of the color wheel. I will pass my knowledge along, in a format that MAKE SENSE and convert to practical application.

In this tutorial, I will introduce you to a simple system that will help you easily identify which color to choose for each skin undertone. 

  • How Primary Color Make up BROWN
  • My Color Recipe System
  • Which modifiers are needed for each color.
  • How to identify skin undertones by vein color

OMBRE Pixel Brows

Learn Ombre Brows in 2 hours or less!

  • No Machine Needed
  • Gorgeous, textured Pixels
  • Optional Kit w/all tools needed
  • Fast procedures with amazing retention
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I am passionate about this industry!  I've also developed unique, revolutionary techniques & tools that will transform the way you work!  Save time, get better retention, and gain more clients!   

Coming during 2022:    FULL Man Brows Course, Stroke Patterns & Practice Sheets, Color Correction & More!  

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Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 4.42.00 PM Ombre Brow Course Pixelblading & Pixelshading Masterclass Custom Flow Course Microblading 9 course Bundle 5/5

Ericka Passwaters

I always struggled with Mapping until I took this course! This is such a detailed description on how to properly map your clients that gave me the confidence I needed! I can’t thank you guys enough for offering your courses for FREE! Carissa and her team go above and beyond for us and I can’t thank them enough! ❤️? 5/5

Jessie Ellwood

This is the perfect course for anyone wanting a more in-depth look into PMU color theory. You will learn the color wheel, how it relates to PMU pigments, suggested color choices for clients, and product knowledge for the Ink ME line of pigments. Very informative!


The LOOK by: Julia

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the course. I can’t thank you enough!!!


Roni Batman

I am absolutely in love with pixelblading & Pixelshading! This, to be honest, if completely fool proof. A lot of training we get isn’t always the best and we spend thousands of dollars on them. This training is priced amazingly well and the knowledge you get is worth it all! I highly suggest this course to all artists!