NumbMe Pre-Numb 30g

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Now in LARGE size!  30g tubes.

Once you use this numbing, you will NEVER go back!

I triple dog dare you to test this on your arm, then put your current numbing on your arm, then after “numb” (recommend 20 minutes). Prick yourself! Touch the skin! FEEL the difference.

If you find something that works better, let me know. Because I have truly spent thousands of dollars sampling every numbing cream out there, and haven’t found a more effective one!



    NumbMe is the All-In-One numbing product!
    Get your clients numb, and Keep them numb with the SAME product.

    Apply numb me thinly, then occluded (covered with plastic film) for 20 minutes.  Prick lightly for a deeper numb.  ReApply ass needed for  1 to 3 minutes.

    NumbMe Ingredients:
    – 5% Lidocaine
    – 4% Tetracaine
    – 3% Benzocaine
    – 1% Epinephrine

    *NOT Recommended for eyeliner (because of benzocaine)

    Please check with your country/state guidelines to make sure the ingredients are approved legally for your area.

    Numbing Instructional:

    1. Prick skin lightly for a deeper numb.
    2. Occlude during use.
    3. Have the client lay down while numbing, so that the numb stays thicker on the skin (gravity)

    For SAFE Use:
    1. Always perform a patch test
    2. DO Not use on an area larger than 2″ x 2″ or for longer than 20 minutes.
    3. Discontinue use immediately if any redness or irritation occurs.
    4. Use eyewash if contact is made with eyes.  Consult Doctor.
    5. Do not use it if there is a history of liver disease.
    6. Keep away from children.
    7.  Contact physician if accidentally swallowed.

    8. Never use on pregnant or nursing clients.



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    2 reviews for NumbMe Pre-Numb 30g

    1. Melanie

      I am ecstatic that I have finally found a numbing agent that actually works! It has even lasted through the entire appointment! Just exfoliate, or prick, the skin and apply. I will not use anything else after this wonderful experience!!

    2. Kristen (verified owner)

      Best value & best pre numbing available. It’s the only pre numb from brows that I use.

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