KeepMeNumb Secondary Numbing


KeepMeNumb is a gel secondary numbing, meaning it is applied AFTER the skin is broken in- between passes. This does exactly what it says… it keeps your client numb throughout the procedure. Relax and do your precision work without racing the numbing clock!



    This is literally the exact formula my manufacturer uses for tag45!   I selected it because it has no prilocaine and it therefore safe for the eyes 🙂

    I am in the process of re-formulating to get it closer to ultra duration because I’m hearing across the board that STRONGER is more important than eye safe!!!   It should be re-formulated within about 30 days yay!

    For best results, you want to blot off the ink with a tissue or pad, then apply a thin layer of KeepMeNumb, and occlude (cover with plastic film). It works in 1-5 minutes depending on client’s pain sensitivity. Just let KeepMeNumb sit while you work on the other side, then wipe off and you’re ready to go!

    – Lidocaine HCI 40MG
    – Epinephrine HCI 0.4MG

    Other Ingredients: Chlorobutanol, Methylcellulose, Sodium Bisulfite, Sodium EDTA, Water

    Please check with your country/state guidelines to make sure it is approved legally for your area.

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    Weight 1.5 oz


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