BrowTricks Starter Kit (with NumbMe)

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The Perfect Starter Kit for my Brow Tricks System <3

The Brow Kit includes:

-1 Miracle Marker ($7.99)
-1 Brow Lock ($10.99)
-1 Numb Me Pre-Numb tube ($12.99)
– Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool ($9.99)
ALSO Get a FREE Diamond Ring Light ? ($11.99)

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    I wanted to put this kit together to offer you a deeper discount, and encourage you to try all of my products at once. They truly do work best as a system!

    Please click each product to get a more detailed description of each item.

    Instructional for Miracle Marker:

    Instructional for Numbing:

    Instructional video for Brow Lock:


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    Weight 6.28 oz

    2 reviews for BrowTricks Starter Kit (with NumbMe)

    1. Lisa Merz

      This kit literally changed microblading for me! Brow Block, it keeps your outline and helps me with crisp lines. It has been a game changer for me! The mapping tool!!! It takes me 5 min at the most to map with this tool! So easy to use. I love it!!! The light is great for my before/after photos. And the numb me is awesome! I’m very thankful to have found these products.

    2. Jenna M

      This and the other kit with Romantic numb are such an amazing value! You get so much for an amazing price.
      I love the mapping tool and thankful for the tutorial Browtricks provided.

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