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***For NEW and Improved version… get MAPLOCK!***

Brow Lock does EXACTLY that! It locks in your outline during numbing! You can use it with my ultra-easy glide pen, or whatever your favorite mapping pen is. It works seamlessly over any mapping outline.

It does begin to lift after wiping, but usually around 80% of your outline will stay for your second pass if you follow my tips and tricks for Brow Lock:



    Even as the edges begin to lift, Brow Lock provides protection for the skin around the brow. This means less staining, so less scrubbing. This results in less lymph production <3 (better retention and less irritation to the skin). Brow lock also provides an elastic surface to get your gloves to stick to, which makes stretching a breeze.

    This will become one of your microblading must have’s. I can’t wait to share it with you!

    **** PLEASE See the instructional video on the main page for how to use this product while following sanitation procedures.

    ****Latex Allergy Warning****

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    9 reviews for Brow Lock

    1. Melissa H.

      Brow lock, where have you been all my microblading life? Before brow lock, I used blue surgical marker for my mapping and my clients would leave with faint blue dots around their new eyebrows. With brow lock, I don’t have to ever worry about losing my map or blue dots. I seriously love this stuff. Definitely worth the price.

    2. Krista A

      I absolutely love it! Never loose my out line. Not recommend for powder Ombre brows.

    3. Krista Ashrafi K.

      I love it! I get perfect crisp outlines, no mess either!!Wish you had years ago

    4. Laurie K.

      Love this product!

    5. Lisa L.

      Brow lock is awesome! I tried it on lips yesterday – PERFECT! I couldn’t believe how well it worked – they were my best lips yet! THANK YOU!

    6. Maria Jessica DeNovellis

      Brow lock has totally changed my life. As a new artist, I was struggling with EVERYTHING, including my outline. Before this I was fighting with the dreaded purple surgical pen marks after the procedure. It totally sucked taking pictures and trying to make them look good amidst these purple dots. Not to mention the fight with the outline during the entire process. Phew, carissa just keeps solving all my problems with her products. They’re amazing.

    7. Artavia Simpson

      I found Carissa on a fb group shortly after getting certified in microblading. She saved my ass with some reallllly useful tips so at that point she could sell me water and I’d still support her!! ❤️

      My biggest issue while doing outlines was losing my lines as a beginner because I don’t shade deep enough. So if I were using the black pencil liner i was trained with, all of my mapping work would be gone. After getting the brow lock with my mapping pen (she gifted the brow lock for my order!) it made everything so much easier. I did a test brow on my hand the night I got it, I used a wet wipe and rubbed in one direction & everything stayed in place!!

      Once you start rubbing in the opposite direction about 40 min into tour microblading service it peels a little but stays in tact until you physically pull it off the skin.

      So if you’re looking for something long lasting that does exactly what it’s supposed to, this is 100% it!!!

      I now use the brow lock for every brow tinting& microblading/ombré brow I do. It has helped me cut my service time down & feel more confident in my services!

    8. Jenna M

      As a beginner in this industry, the hardest thing is ensuring proper mapping and shape, most pens/markers do not last throughout the whole process but this tool keeps your mapping until the end, which really makes the procedure and the clean up a breeze!

    9. Jessica Fields

      This is the best product on the market to keep your outline while Microblading. Product secures your outline until you are ready to remove it. Total game changer!

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