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Numbing Products:

Our numbing kits contain 2 tubes of primary numbing cream, and 1 secondary bottle.

Primary numbing agents are meant to be applied to closed skin for about 20 minutes, 2-3mm thick.

Here is a tutorial video on how to apply our numbing cream BEFORE mapping:

How to Numb Before Mapping

You can also numb after mapping.  We recommend using our Outline Kit for best results. (Keeping your outline crisp during numbing.)

This tutorial shows use with Brow Lock.  We now have upgraded to Miracle Marker and Map Lock.

How to numb After Mapping:

Secondary Numbing should be applied after all strokes have been place, and you are going over the same strokes.

For ideal numbness, wipe off all pigment and apply a thin layer of numbing gel.  Occlude (cover with plastic film) for 1 to 2 minutes.

Reapply as needed between passes or if adding shading.

Secondary Numbing Information and How to Apply:

Coming Soon!  Please watch individual product videos for now.

The Brow Kit includes:

  • -1 Miracle Marker ($7.99)
  • 1 Map Lock ($16.99)
  • 1 Numb Me or Romantic Pre-Numb tube ($12.99)
  • Perfect Symmetry Mapping Tool ($9.99)
    ALSO Get a FREE Diamond Ring Light!  ($11.99)

Tutorial video showing each product in the pack coming soon!

In the meantime, please watch each product video individually.

This sampler pack includes:

1 regular Miracle Marker
1 fine point Miracle Marker
1 black Precision Pen
1 white Precision Pen

1 NumbMe 10g tube

2 14u Nano blades
2 14 slant Ultra Crisp blades
2 14 slant max pigment blades
2 ShadeMe Pixel Blades

Tutorial Coming Soon!

In the meantime, please watch each product video individually.

3 Products Variations:

Regular Kit:  1 MapLock  + 1 Miracle Marker

Option 2: Add 1 Precision Pen to Regular Kit

Brow Lock Kit:  1 Brow lock + 1 Miracle Marker

Coming Soon.