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Pixelblading & Pixelshading

Pixelblading & Pixelshading Masterclass

This course will give you all the basics you need to know to QUICKLY and EASILY add both Pixelshading & Pixelblading to your service menu.  You will submit 2 models and latex work, receive 1 on 1 feedback, AND a Pixelblading & Pixelshading Certification.

What is Pixelblading?

Use our patent-pending blades to create “pixel strokes” that mimic the look of microblading without the unnecessary damage to the skin.  The pigment is TAPPED in, instead of sliced!  Because of this, Pixelblading is suitable for many skin types microblading is not, including:  oily, large pores, mature skin.

Pixelblading is done with a  revolutionary type of blade: the Nano Pixel Blade.  Pixelblades deposit pigment without slicing or cutting the client’s skin.  This blade features two lengths of blades that allow the artist to TAP pigment into skin using tinsy pixel dots.  The shorter blade length acts as a type of barrier to help prevent blade from puncturing too deeply into the client’s skin.  This "training wheel" set of teeth is what allows hairstrokes to stay in the upper level of the skin, and therefore heal crisply instead of blurring as most other types of strokes do.

What is Pixelshading?

Pixelshading is done with my revolutionary Pixelblades.  There are two types: Single Row and the Double Row shaders.  Both Pixel blades offer SPACED ultra sharp needles.  These give soft, airy, pixelated shading.  Because each pixel dot is so pigmented, you do NOT have to cover the entire brow in puncture wounds!  By spacing the highly pigmented dots, you can create shaded brows with much less trauma and MORE texture!


  • Have had previous HANDS ON Brow PMU Training
  • Prior knowlege of stroke flow patterns
  • Understand how to properly Map a brow
  • Have an understanding of the BBP & Correct Depth

What you will learn:


This should be used as a continuing education course ONLY