The BrowTricks Healing Method

Congratulations on your Brow Journey
Step one is everything you should know BEFORE your appointment!  By the end of this you will understand WHAT Microblading is, be prepared for your appointment & know what to expect during the healing process!
For PRE-CARE Instructions & Medical Checklist Click HERE.  

BEFORE Your Brow Appointment

First Session is DONE!
Now What?

You did it! 
You took the leap! 
Now be patient, follow the instructions,  and TRUST THE PROCESS!  This video will help you with an in-depth explanationof your post-care instructions, and WHY! 
 Protect your Investment 😉

After-Care In Depth Instructions & WHY

The HEALING PROCESS is no joke!
Watch Day by Day the FULL 30 day process, Start to Finish! (with accompanying emotions)  I hope this help you know what to expect,  and TRUST THE PROCESS! hehe 

The FULL 30 Day HEALING Process

How to Wash your Brows
1. Make sure your brows are FULLY dry before washing
2. Lather Soap onto CLEAN finger tips
3. Gently Massage your brows in small circles moving outward
4. SPLASH to rinse your brows.  Do NOT rub
5. Pat AROUND your brows, NOT directly on them!
6. Let Brows air dry, or Blow drying is ok!
7. Make sure brows feel DRY and TIGHT before applying oil.
(that’s how you know they are fully dry!) 

Video How-To on Cleansing your Brows

Apply After Care Ointment as Follows:
1. ONLY to fully dry brows
2.  2x daily maximum
3.  A THIN layer on each brow, 1 drop!

How to Apply After Care Oil

This will ALL be worth it in the end!
Being able to wake up with beautiful brows is LIFE CHANGING!

Other TIPS to help your brows last longer:
1.  Do Not suntan your face
2.  Do not use Vitamin C or skin clearing serums on your forehead
3. Make sure your brows are avoided during facials etc
4. Do not have any laser treatments or other treatments that
cause cell regeneration near brows
5. If you have oily skin, NIGHTLY wash brows
6. Use an oil free lotion daily on your brows
7. Do not Wait to book your annual touchup until they are almost gone! 
The pigment continues to build on each other, so be sure to return
before they are too faded. And your next session will last even LONGER!

Hope this page helped you on your Brow Journey! 
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