Brow Lock Support

Having Trouble with your Brow Lock?
Here are some tricks to make Brow Lock stay EVEN better!
1.  Apply Brow Lock as THINLY as possible
2. Do not occlude in between passes
3. Pat brow with a dry tissue to remove some ink before wiping the brow.
4. Stretch the skin while wiping, and wipe gently

We suggest:
1. Pre- Cleanse the skin with HibiClens
2. ALWAYS asking the client specifically if they have an allergy to latex.
3. Performing a small patch test on the wrist while mapping.  If no reaction, apply brow lock after map is complete.
4. Pour Brow Lock into an ink ring, and apply with individual brushes.
5. NEVER apply brow lock after the skin has been opened.

Brow Lock Instructional Video